Wednesday, September 9, 2009

High School Reunion 2

Have committed to reunion and bought self a ticket ($70). Now all left is to decide what to wear on night and kickstart notable career that will leave old classmates in awe at rise in the world. Shipping Magnate being the obvious choice. To this end trotted off in heels on Tuesday to interview with recruitment agency. As have not been workforce participant for Seventeen years now was not sure what to expect but Melissah, the lovely agent who interviewed me and obviously did not think my CV too laughable, put me immediately at ease and we got right down to determining what area of workforce I might suit best. I didn't want to come right out and say "Shipping Magnate" but I did hint at it by saying "I see myself in Shipping" then proceeded to throw around words like "ilustrious" and "international".
Still not sure Melissah and I were on the same wavelength (she kept returning to words like "Human Resources" and "entry level") but now all left to do is wait by phone for job opening in selected feild. And as I say only three more weeks till reunion and to have established said career...


  1. surely you as the shoe fashionista, inventor of, hmmm, say wikapedia, buider of schools in Africa, amazon explorer, arms dealer and/or super mother will come into it somewhere. How can your ex class mates be unaware of your past acheivements?

    not to mention furniture designer/builder to the little people?

  2. hysterical.
    I mean, I applaud your ambition.