Thursday, May 13, 2010

Young At Art.

I know as parents we shouldn't place undue expectations on our children but really there's worse a parent can do than push a child to realise their own unfulfilled dreams in the art/design world. With this in mind I've been seizing on Archie's new found enthusiasm for whipping up cards when the occasion warrants (birthdays, Mothers' Day...) scrutinising them for a latent talent. 
Enough, in truth, just to see all the magic a six year old contains express itself on paper. These latest examples bring a great big smile (and sometimes even a laugh) to my face.


  1. Amazing works- desire to create is
    more than half the way.

  2. The Mothers Day one is fabulous!!!

  3. i love these. especially the first. brilliant. and thanks for sharing : )