Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rochas Groovy Autumn 2010 Runway Show.

Heaven is Rochas recent runway show in Paris. Retro seventies, back combed hair, lots of leopard print and all that soft lemon and bright turquoise. As for the pantsuits - sooooo Samantha Stevens. Happy and fun fashion - the best kind of all.


  1. Oh wow... I love it too! Especially loving the yellow dress with belted cardi combo... cats-eyes spex obligatory, of course! Thanks for the happy pick-me-up! :) Kx

  2. Loving the yellow dress and the pantsuit, can't wait to see them on you...
    (I think samantha was always that bit classier than Carole Brady although 99 from get Smart was always the trend setter)xx

  3. I am loving the aqua- especially the pants- SO hot.

    I also love the new banner- it is fabulous.

  4. If only the models looked a bit happier to be wearing it hey?!