Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dear Virus.

Dear Flu Virus,
When you first arrived over two months ago now I wasn't happy about it but thought I would keep my feelings to myself and just bear out your time with grace. I didn't complain that you had turned up uninvited or bring up the bad time we had the last time you stayed. I didn't mention how my kids resent you or how awkward it is having you suck up all my energy and attention when they need it more. I guess the first real problems began when I said I would put you up for a while but not to expect me to change my plans for you. I made it clear that I would be continuing to go about my activities and that my children needs would be coming first. I think that's when you really took offence and decided to make your presence truly felt. All of a sudden we were doing what YOU wanted, when YOU wanted it. Eating what YOU wanted to eat. Sleeping when YOU wanted to sleep. Spending insane amounts of MY money at the chemist (btw you've never paid me back). Even when I tried to sneak out to class on weeknights I found you had tagged along, then set about distracting me the whole time I was there. In the end it was just easier not to go and now I'm behind. In short it was all about YOU. But tolerence has it's limits. That's why I am writing this and hoping my message gets through loud and clear: you are not welcome. When I wake up tommorrow morning I want you gone and  I don't want to find a single trace of you left behind.


  1. haha- I hope he gets the memo and racks off!

    Man the FLU sucks!

  2. You poor love. I can't believe that virus is still hanging around, it has just been AGES! I hope your stance makes a difference and it does 'rack off', btw loved the pic very funky :-)

  3. I wish it would leave you well alone too :( Hope it leaves you soon hon.. Big Hugs! xo

  4. I hope the message got through!! Hope all is well and sunny for you. michelle

  5. Hi Luna,

    Thanks for checking out my blog! I have just been having a peek through yours and I love it - this flu post made me giggle!

    Anja x