Sunday, August 5, 2012

Material Exploration: Blister Packs.

First bit of material exploration off the ranks: painkiller blister packs. These seem to me to have some potential though not sure what yet. But seeings as I have stored approx one half million of them in the garage over the last two years with a view to upcycling them one day I thought now might be a good time. Also as I have consumed their contents over that same time frame I feel there may be some thematic possibility there too. Gathered together they look to have a bit of a silvery, glittery bling quality so I'm thinking bling, fashion, party, pain, denial and working with personal themes to begin with. I still haven't played with these as much as I need to but here's what I came up with last Thursday. As I'm feeling really drawn to a textile challenge this semester I cut the little blisters out, leaving in as much foil as possible to turn them into sequins. Then, some machine stitching, experimenting with leaving thread uncut and otherwise uncut. Different arrangements etc etc. Feel like there's more to be done here, but a start at any rate.

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  1. Looking interesting Jo, good work! I'ms sorry I talked to much for you to get anything much done on Wednesday :-)