Thursday, August 1, 2013

Maquettes etc

The top pic is of a Maquette to see if i could crochet around the wire boundaries that the 'cellular' type textiles will be strung across - the idea of living material defying man made 'boundaries' or, rather, the determined sensibilities of what constitutes the acceptable body. Because this is for the Victorian context and the new liberal democracy is in it's infancy, there isn't the intense need for control that will be apparent in Box 2 (20th century) and so while there is still some policing of the body (the wire) there is still a tolerance of aberrant physicality and the wonder of it (even if it is exploitative and self serving). This is shown with the textiles moving beyond the wire, growing, deforming (the hyperbolic crochet)  - a kind of physical freedom symbolising individuality/ uniqueness. This idea is supported also by the other elements of the box which refer to Victorian freak shows (such as decoupaged 19th C portrait of freak  - see previous posts on the role of freak show in 19thC  reflecting anxieties about social change) and Cabinets of Curiosity that expressed wonder at the physical world until Modern medicine took over with the political imperative to appear in control of the body and construct/police a norm (again box 2).

The next pictures are of some cloth covered electrical cord which, being decorative, offers up the possibility of perhaps arteries?? (given that electricity will be conducted through the box, with lit bulbs at the 'head' symbolising 'life/living being' - while also playing along with the circus theme).  This would mean the cords (which originally I had thought of as white and as unobtrusive as possible) would actually become a part of the art work itself. Deep red for Victorian box, brighter red for 20th C.
I kind of like this idea, with possibility of box 2 draping it around inside as part of arterial anatomy (Box two intends to remove the inherent mystery of the body for instead a clinical authoritative outlook so it would make sense to expose it's workings). Possibly an issue with cord leading outside the box/body to the power board. Could make it decorative, looping around walls etc...???????? Not sure.
Excuse lousy artists impression of cloth covered cord. Couldn't be bothered to get the Wacom tablet out!!!

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