Monday, February 8, 2010

Dreaming of Neon Yellow.

Not that long ago I was hating yellow. A reaction of having loved it throughout the 90s and covered my entire hallway in it. But now it's back. And being the sad old slave to fashion that I am I love it again. This time it's slightly neon. And that reminds me of the 1950s. And that's a good thing. (This chair is on ebay at the moment and way out of my league. But I can dream).

Even the local St Vinnies is getting in on the act. I drove by last week and was drawn back by the window dressing. They are getting so canny these days at Vinnies. And not just the window dressing. Remember when no one there had any inkling what something was worth? Nothing was ever over $10. Now they totally know the value of vintage. This dress for example (though not strictly vintage) was priced at $35.
Having said that I did score these platform shoes for $6 - patent leather and just my size. Why, they will be perfect for the school drop off I thought to myself. And just the thing for the after school grocery run. And Saturday morning junior cricket....


  1. when was yellow ever out of fashion?

  2. I know - who is giving the vinnie's consultation - can't pull the wool anymore!

  3. Ok have started tmblring, this could be addictive

    as if I needed another excuse to linger on the net xx