Sunday, March 28, 2010

Crush On Yellow Continues Unabated.

This week in continued devotion to yellow I have:

Bought a great Elk bracelet up at our local florist ....

...sprayed an old mirror yellow and hung it up in the hall...

...drank from my favourite glass, a gift from friend Jodie...

...wished badly for a wall done in this flocked wallpaper!


  1. Welcome to the fold for lovers of the colour yellow - better late than never.

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  3. great job on the mirror! and the last image is simply wonderful it makes me want to jump on my bed!!

  4. I had a love affair with yellow in the nineties - I painted all of our walls yellow... I still love it but I think I overdosed. I have passed the love of yellow onto my darling daughter - Charli :) I am glad that you love the glass I gave you. Makes me all warm and fuzzy xxx Jodie