Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day.

Here is the mother's day card I received today from my 7 year old son. The dominant theme appears to be "ways mum neglects us"- drawing, painting, sculpting - juxtaposed with a secondary, more insect  related theme - a mid air supremacy battle between a bee and dragon fly. I just love getting my hand made cards from the children (the fresh copy of Paris Vogue didn't hurt either) but especially this year as it was starting to look doubtful. On Wednesday I had heard the "hushed' arguments between my 12 year old daughter and her little brother. My poor girl had just been deluged with assignment due dates for school and, worried she would not have time for card making, was trying to ensure her brother would do one. Disagreements ensued, voices raised and then I hear the words no mother wants to hear from their little boy's sweet lips "So when will I get the money?"...Hmmmmm. 
I did have to intervene and explain no one wants a card under those circumstances and we all let the vexed situation pass. So it was with delight today I recieved a handmade card from each  - both produced under just the right conditions. Awwwwww... 


  1. Oh that's so funny! Same thing used to happen here and now it's done a back-flip with my little one always making me cards etc (and not even for money!) Hope you had a great Mother's Day, Jo. That Paris Vogue sounds divine :) Kx

  2. So funny. Like you would not be able to tell that a 7 year old made your daughter's card! I guess she doesn't figure you are all that bright.... Ha! Well I'm glad you got two nice cards. I know you know how my lousy Mother's Day went! ;)

  3. the pictures are so funny! nothing sweeter than facial expressions drawn by kids!!
    hope you had a fun day xx