Saturday, September 8, 2012

Visit To Megalo Exhibition.

So enjoyed my visit to the Megalo exhibition I thought it needed a post of it's own. Two standouts for me - Franki Sparke's zines (above) because of the wonderful graphic qualities in his woodcuts plus the quirky, humorous themes contained within. I LOVE zines and here you are able to buy one of them and take it home (affordable art!) - five to choose from - it took ages to make a decision. The other artist was  Arthur Desmarteux. The word 'awesome'  is so overused but Arthur's work could pretty much own the word. I desperately wanted to paste some of the exhibited silkscreens into this blog but images from his site are non html so go straight to the source here if interested. Below is an etching of his I found of the web that gives you an idea of his style sans the characteristic colour explosions in the silkscreens.

An off the web woodblock print of Frank Sparke below.

Even if you are only vaguely interested in printmaking and artist books I reccommend that you go, go, go to this exhibition before it ends. Glad I did.

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